The first Symphoniacal teaser is here.

Symphoniacal is a project I’ve been working on this a very long time. It started over a decade ago while I was basically just playing around with some audio editing software. It’s a perennial project that I revisit every time I’m inspired. I’ll never be able to publish or sell it (nor do I really want to) because it’s composed of the works of dozens of people. It’s very much an homage, a passion piece.

And now I’m only halfway there.

I’ve recently begun using video editing software on a regular basis, which I never had real access to until now. And as soon as I started adding clips to the audio I’ve been mixing for a decade, I realized it could really benefit from visuals. So now I’ve begun the process of stitching together a rough cut of the video in hopes of matching it to the audio that has captivated me for so long.

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