Version 6.2 Now Available

I was obsessed for about a week, and this is the result. I have made some significant changes, and (of course) there are some things I feel need improving, but it’s here and available for your listening pleasure. It is only an upgrade from 6.1 to 6.2, but I could’ve considered it a version 7 for all the changes I made.

Listen to (or download) the latest version right now!

Here is a list of all the changes:

  • added “Waking the Sleeping Giant” by Cris Velasco from the God of War II to “Bringer of War” – My hope is to create an entirely new version of Gustav Holst’s “Mars, Bringer of War” to this piece. There are a million versions of the same music, and I wanted to give it my own spin.
  • added part of “Revenge of the Sith” to a handful of sections – I’m trying out a few things and seeing which ones I like the most. The first appearance mixed serendipitously well, so I’m leaving it for now.
  • added “Enlightenment” by Jeremy and Julian Soule from Supreme Commander to “Evey Reborn”
  • added “Immortals Battle” by Tyler Bates from 300 to “The Middle Passage”
  • added “No Mercy” by Tyler Bates from 300 to “No Mercy, My Suite” – The name of this chapter has changed because the content has changed significantly. Though I love Cristophe Beck’s music from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the section was a little too uplifting for that point in the piece.
  • added Richard Burton’s performance of the prologue from Jeff Wayne’s version of “War of the Worlds” to “They Came, But Not in Peace”
  • added John Travolta talking about Hollywood from the movie “Swordfish” to “Sans Glimmer” – This isn’t Travolta worship in any form, but more of a commentary on the next piece of music that follows what he says about Hollywood. The music that follows what he says is from “Black Hawk Down,” a very realistic and gritty movie about modern warfare.
  • added “Into the Trap” by John Williams from “Return of the Jedi” – This may or may not stay here. I don’t want there to be too much of one thing from any movie or composer (except, of course, Hans Zimmer), but I like it a lot right now.
  • added “Peters Does His Worst” to the end of “Sleepy Hollow” – The section you hear is the moment when Dr. Peters opens the vial that contains the supervirus that will eventually kill most of the people on the planet.
  • added the alien’s theme by David Arnold from Independence Day to “The Beginning of the End”
  • added “The End Begins” by Gerard K. Marino from God of War II to “The Beginning of the End”

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