Version 6.4 “Dinosaur” Now Available

Added: “Ocean Whispers” from Pirates of the Caribbean by Klaus Badelt – Just felt like it fit nicely and gave it a little more darkness without adding too much melody to the intro.

Added: “The End of Our Island” from Dinosaur by James Newton Howard – This is the moment near the beginning of the film when the mating ritual of the lemurs is broken up by the sudden presence of strange lights that start falling from the sky. Then a gigantic ball of fire (the meteor that killed the dinosaurs) suddenly appears and then disappears on the other side of the horizon. There is a small pause as the animals watch this strange, silent spectacle for a moment, and then…

Added: “Vespera” by Libera – I stumbled upon this randomly and was haunted by the sound of it. I love it when I know exactly where a piece belongs as soon as I hear it. Doesn’t happen often, but sometimes you just know it.

Added: extra crowd effects during Hitler’s speech – I wanted his creepy cadence in there because everyone in the world knows what that idiot sounded like, but I didn’t want to make it too prominent. And the crowd this time is an angry mob, which you can interpret as you wish.

Added: a few extra cricket, water, frog, and other ambient effects to “Elbamohtafnu” – this is the beginning of the second half, and it comes straight out of Lord of the Rings, so I thought I’d give the listener a little extra to work with. Plus, it’s after one of the loudest and most intense sections of the entire piece, so it helps bring the listener back down a bit.

Added: the alien’s theme from Independence Day by David Arnold – I just love this soundtrack, and this theme is one of the coolest and yet least played pieces in the soundtrack genre. This was one of the first soundtracks that eventually led to my inspiration for Symphoniacal, and yet it took this long for it to get in here…

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