Version 6.6: “Villians”

So, I made a decision to do a major shift and now there are several songs added, a couple songs removed, and large chunks being moved around. This is the first step towards releasing version 7.0, which will be a significant change from any before it. The whole thing is now exactly 74 minutes long, several minutes longer than any previous version. Of course, longer doesn’t necessarily mean better, so I’m not planning on releasing any future versions until I’m ready for version 7.

Interesting thing to point out…by shear coincidence, I added a whole section that is currently called “Villians” with some of my favorite bad guy themes. Notice the version number? I swear it was an accident. I know some people are thinking, “Ooh…like the devil,” and some are thinking, “Ooh…like order 66 that Palpatine gave,” and still others are thinking, “Huh? I don’t get it.” There’s really nothing to get, honestly. It’s just a coincidence! ;o)

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