2,000 Friends on MySpace and Feelin’ the Love

So, I just noticed that this profile now has 2,000 friends. I don’t have a speech prepared (fortunately) but I just wanted to take this opportunity to say: woo-hoo!

And since I have you here, I might as well give you an update. I’ve started working on a drastic change to the piece. I’ve never been particular about the length, and at one time I even cut it down a bit out of fear that it would become this never-ending thing that I couldn’t do anything with. After a brief bit of research I’ve decided that it’s best to keep it at 74 minutes so it’ll be the exact size of a traditional CD. I have my reasons and they’re pretty geeky, but basically it means that the entire piece is now several minutes longer. I’ve already got several new songs in place and now I’m re-working several sections.

I’ll shut up now. Thanks again for being a friend. :o)

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