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I’ve never really set any goals or expectations for Symphoniacal except that I wanted it to be an enjoyable and complex musical experience. Other than that, I’ve tried to stick to a free-form way of working on it. But I have recently set up two major goals, and they will change a lot about the piece. Though one of the two goals is going to be a secret, you can be a part of the other!

As of this post, the current version is 6.4, and I’m working on 6.5 right now. It’ll be a while before I release it (paying the bills is more important), but I’m aiming to release 7.0 with a significant restructuring of the middle section and a host of new music from new and/or unpublished artists. If you would like to have one of your songs incorporated into Symphoniacal, send me an MP3 or two (or however many you want) and I play around with it. You will always get credit for your work.

The tracks that are likely to be included if they…

  • are very dark or very powerful. Everything in Symphoniacal is intended to bring out an emotional response.  If it is creepy, intense, haunting, shocking, or otherwise emotive, I want to include it!
  • are your original work. If you would like to recommend an artist or composer, I would love to know about them.  But only submit music that you created yourself.

The tracks that are likely to be excluded if they…

  • have an unrealistic, clearly synthesized sound. I tend to skip or cover up very good soundtracks because of the nature of the instruments being used.  I know it’s limiting, but I get pulled out of the music when I hear a cheesy synthesizer.  If the song would’ve sounded better plugged into a keyboard made since the early 90’s, I just wonder why it wasn’t.  I know there are plenty of keyboards (and even fake orchestras) in Symphoniacal, but they can be used correctly.  For example, I played trumpet for a long time, so the unnatural brass sound bothers the hell out of me.  If the sound is attempting to be unique rather than trying to simulate the sound of a brass ensemble, that’s fine.

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