3,000 Friends on MySpace

Hello to all my new MySpace friends!

I’m saying that because more than 90% of this profile’s friends are new as of the past couple weeks.

And it’s good timing, too, because version 7.0 is almost here!  It will be a very different version, so keep your eyes (and ears) open for that.  If you are a BitTorrent junkie, you can download version 6.9 right now.  Just search TorrentScan.com for “Symphoniacal” and you’ll find it.

Did you know that my Symphoniacal profile is now more popular than my Barack Obama profile?  As of today, it has over 3,000 friends, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing.  The Obama profile has just over 3,000 friends already, but it took several months to reach that point.  The Symphoniacal profile had only about 350 friends a couple weeks ago!  This is all boring statistical stuff, but I wanted to share since I know a few of you are interested.

Again, thanks for being a friend of Symphoniacal.

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