Version 6.9: “The Rage Virus”

Okay, so I’m closing in on the big 7.0 release, which will be the last one until I can find more time to work on it (or if some great music just falls into my lap). I’ve been re-working large sections, and this is a very different version. I’ve stuck to a few themes, updated a few songs, deleted a few duplicates, and moved at least a dozen songs around. But 6.9 in particular just got a cool upgrade, and it’s the namesake of this version.

I finally got the soundtracks for “28 Days Later” and “28 Weeks Later” and they are juuuuust creepy as hell. I’m not sure I’ll use the main theme unless I can find a place for it, but instead, I’ve found (at least) five places where I put bits of it for ambiance, intensity, or to otherwise enhance what’s already there. If I can find a few more places to put some of it without it becoming too obvious, I’m definitely going to do it. This particular method, of using many parts of the same thing through Symphoniacal, is a relatively novel addition. Until now, I’ve only occasionally used more than one or two pieces from the same movie, video game, or television show (except for Star Wars). But the overall sound and fuh-reaky nature of John Murphy’s score is just too perfect for this project.

Other than adding the 28 * Later soundtracks, I had to remove a couple tracks to make room for the massive shuffling of music I did this version. Fortunately, I’ve always felt like some of them were filler that had long since lost their usefulness, and others were duplicate versions of the same series of music. These changes are going to ensure that 7.0 is a completely unique version from any before, so even if you’ve already heard it, you should consider upgrading when it comes out.

  • added: “Outbreak”, “Tammy Kills Her Dad”, “Crowd Breaks Out”, “The Beginning”, “Rage”, and “Code Red” by John Murphy from 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later
  • removed: “Immortals Battle” by Tyler Bates from 300 – there’s another track from the same movie just a minute after this one, and I changed the entire section anyway
  • removed: “Cylons Fire” by Bear McCreary from Battlestar Galactica – I have a better track in mind from McCreary, that genius…

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